Heavy Lifting – Quicker, Safer, Easier and Cheaper

Did you know that Aerotech Helicopters can lift loads up to 1,200 kg on building and construction sites?  

Crop Spraying: Aerial Application vs Ground Application

In September we conducted a side by side test comparing ground spraying with aerial spraying. The results were surprising. Watch the video. 

New Technology in our Bombers

Trotter's new DataVault is being installed in our 11 contracted AT-802F's for the coming fire season 

Why Choose Aerial Application?

Each season, farmers are presented with the decision as to whether they use aerial application for their crop protection or they use the ground rig? No surprise here, we think that aerial application is the way to go.  

Aerotech's New Camera for Aerial Observation

"The new camera, attached to the front of the aircraft, may help Aerotech in servicing existing clients and opens up opportunities for exploring new business" says Managing Director Sam McCabe. 

Where do you want to go today?

South Australia is brimming with amazing places to visit. Gorgeous food and wine destinations such as McLaren Vale, The Barossa and The Adelaide Hills. Or what about an overnight stay at The Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island? Make the most of South Australia by hiring an Aerotech Helicopter and see the beautiful sights.