Why Choose Aerial Application?

10 August 2016

One of the key benefits of aerial application is that there is no contact with the crop itself, thereby minimising the wheel track damage. This also means that there are no green wheel tracks that have to ripen before harvesting. By having no contact with the crop there is no chance of disease transfer between the fields and aerial application is always available, even when the fields are too wet to access by ground.

Aerial application provides a quicker alternative to ground equipment with a superior quality result. Because of the high speed of the aircraft, the droplet spectrum when spraying is far wider than any ground based equipment. This wide droplet size spectrum and the fact the crop canopy gets ‘ruffled’ by the disturbed air from the low flying aircraft, is the reason the aircraft can apply the same pesticides with a lot lower water volumes than a ground rig and obtain the same, if not better, coverage and crop penetration ensuring a high standard of crop protection.

If you’re interested, contact your local Aerotech office for more information.