Helicopter fleet to bolster aerial capabilities of Adelaide-based business

04 November 2015

South Australian-owned and operated Aerotech Australia is expanding its commercial aerial capabilities throughout the State, adding a helicopter division to its growing aviation business.

Aerotech Australia’s purchase of the long-established and reputable Australian Helicopters Charter fleet will add four rotary wing aircraft to its existing 17-strong fixed wing fleet, which includes the State’s all important fire-bombers.

Aerotech Australia specialises in providing aerial support for crop spraying, fire and oil spill management as well as aircraft maintenance services, and will now add executive charter flights to its suite of services.

Managing Director Sam McCabe says the new rotary wing division will greatly enhance the aerial capabilities of the business, which is already a world leader in its field.

“This new division will support our existing operations and enable Aerotech Australia to provide even greater service efficiencies and value for money for its customers, including the South Australian Country Fire Service,” he says.

The helicopter fleet comprises two BA Squirrels, one B3 Squirrel and one B3 Jetranger.

“We plan to enhance the legacy set by Australian Helicopters Charter to provide an even higher benchmark for industry in pilots, service and aircraft quality.”

“Aerotech Helicopters will provide a range of specialised services, from film and television work to off shore/over water operations and external loads for construction and exploration, as well as executive charter flights,” Mr McCabe says.

Also set to boost Aerotech Australia’s operational capacities is a new permanent airbase currently under construction at Brukunga in the Adelaide Hills. Allotted for the exclusive use of Aerotech’s firefighting operations, the new base is set for completion in time for the 2016/17 fire season.

For more information, contact Chief Pilot Aerotech Helicopters Hamish Burns, 0407 160 504