Fire Bombers get an all new exciting look!

05 November 2015

As the fire season commences for 2015/16, Aerotech 1st Response (responsible for South Australia’s aerial firefighting efforts), is launching an all-new paint scheme for their impressive fire bombing fleet.

Aerotech is adopting a fresh new look – a striking red and white paint scheme. The fleet of 13 fixed wing aircraft and 2 helicopters contracted to the CFS during the summer months will be painted over the coming 3 years and you won’t be able to miss them as they do their part in keeping us and our homes safe from bushfires.

Moving away from the traditional yellow branding is a move that will help define the fleet as the purpose built fire-fighting machines they are. Holding over 3,000 litres of fire suppressant in each load the Aerotech aircraft can make the difference between a minor incident and a full-scale emergency.

South Australians are being invited to be involved in the exciting new look with the opportunity to choose a name for the all-important fleet. To enter go to the link on the homepage of the website and come up with your idea for the Aerotech ………… Bombers, for your chance to win a free scenic flight for two AND having the pride of the winning name painted on each of the bombers.

This fire season is expected to be a long one, with the CFS stating “a drier than average winter along with persistent warmer than average conditions throughout spring – meaning fuel loads were drier and there was a greater risk of bushfire,” Phil McDonough, CFS acting director of Preparedness, The Advertiser Oct 19, 2015.

Aerotech will have 15 aircraft strategically placed across the state between the Mt Lofty Ranges, Pt. Lincoln and Mt Gambier, ready to tackle any fire head on and protect South Australian families and landowners during the fire season.

For more information please call Managing Director Sam McCabe, 0419 035 804