Aerotech operate a modern fleet of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, purpose built for a range of applications.

Our fleet is made up of the following:

Fixed Wing  

No.      Type  
11 802F
1 602
1 502
1 Cessna Grand Caravan 
Piper Lance 
Cessna 182 
1 RV6 


Rotary Wing

No.      Type  
1 B3 Squirrel 
2 BA Squirrel 
1 Jetranger 


Fixed Wing Aircraft

Aerotech use ‘Air Tractor’ aircraft for our agriculture, fire and marine spill operations. Air Tractors are the most productive, quality built, single engine air tankers worldwide.

The Air Tractor (AT) 802F has been designed from the wheels up to fight bushfires. It is a fast, maneuverable aircraft that’s both operationally effective and economical. It is an initial attack Air Tanker that uses an advanced, computer-operated firegate to deliver optimum drop coverage with extreme accuracy.

See the AT 802F spec sheet here

See the AT 802F dimensional drawings here

The AT 802 is the world's largest single engine agricultural aircraft, and its popularity reflects the industry's trend to larger, high-production turbine powered aircraft. With a payload of 3,100 litres, the AT 802 provides more working capacity than any other single-engine agriculture plane. Its power, speed and payload deliver large operation efficiencies for our clients.

See the AT 802 spec sheet here

See the AT 802 dimensional drawings here

The AT602 has a payload of 2,400 litres and is designed for dependable high load production. Infact everything about this aircraft has been designed for hard work, from the powerful Pratt and Whitney turbine engine to the beefy main landing gear.

See the AT 602 spec sheet here

See the AT 602 dimensional drawings here

The AT502 is the smallest of Aerotech’s fleet of Air Tractors. It has an impressive payload of 1,900 litres. The impressive power to weight ratio allows short take offs and amazing climb rates.

See the AT 502 spec sheet here

See the AT 502 dimensional drawings here

To find our more about Air Tractor click here (

Cessna Grand Caravan

The Cessna Grand Caravan is a multipurpose 10-seater aircraft. We use it in in fire operations for crew movements, research and reconnaissance. It is also available for charter.

Find out more about the Cessna Grand Caravan here


Rotary Wing Aircraft

B3 Squirrel

AS350 B3 is the flagship of our fleet. Equipped with 847 shaft horsepower Turbomeca Arriel 2B, the aircraft has the capability of lifting over 1000kg and high speed cruise in excess of 130kts in air-conditioned comfort. Configured with emergency pop-out flotation required for overwater, this aircraft provides the flexibility, endurance and power unequalled in South Australia.

BA Squirrel

AS350BA have been the back bone to the fleet and provide a smooth and efficient flight all in luxurious leather seating

Jet Ranger

Bell 206B3 Jetranger is renowned for being one of the world’s safest aircraft, it is reliable, economical and capable. We have the versatility of pop-out flotation for overwater operations, a hook for lighter loads and is currently configured in media format for our Channel Seven contract.