The Right Aircraft

Part of the success of the rapid initial attack strategy is the purpose built fire bombing air-tankers that we use. The Air Tractor 802 F (AT 802F) is widely recognised as the most effective air-tanker world wide for ‘rapid initial attack’.

With huge power and payload coming from the Pratt & Whitney PT-6 turbine engine, Aerotech’s fleet of Air Tractor aircraft are a real powerhouse. Fast to get airborne and with a ferry-speed of over 300km/h, combined with Aerotech’s access to remote strips, results in a great formula for effective aerial fire fighting.

The aircraft are rugged, which is necessary for landing at remote airstrips to access water. They are fast and extremely maneuverable, enabling access to ‘tight’ areas and allowing fast turns in a short radius to attack the critical area of the fire.

Onboard Technology

All Aerotech aircraft are fitted out with sophisticated onboard technology, allowing pilots to choose the requested coverage level and amount of water /retardant/gel to be dropped, allowing pinpoint accuracy.

More commonly called the ‘fire gate’, this technology allows for absolute precision in aerial fire fighting. Ultimately this saves property and most importantly, lives.

The specific details of our aircraft for fire fighting operations are shown below:


Load Capacity 3,100 litres
Response Time 3 minutes
Reload Time 2 minutes
Range 800 nautical miles
Horse Power 1,650
Speed 160 knots
Fuel Burn / Hour 300 litres per hour
Fuel Endurance 5 hours
Max water delivered 37,000 litres per hour